Upgrade to digital & smart systems to design, track, and share laboratory workflows.
Utilize our cloud laboratory to outsource experiments and experience a modern life science laboratory.
Collaborate and share life science protocols with our online tools.


As scientists we are passionate about the quality of results. Design laboratory workflows based on standardized descriptive ontologies – fully semantic. We care about reproducibility and sharing of protocols.

Collaborate with our visual protocol designer to design & share laboratory protocols, and utilize the standardized descriptions for publications, data annotation, process analytics, or simply for visualization of your work.


Efficient science requires high flexibility to adapt laboratory workflows to the newest insights, results, and requirements. Yet today many workflows are complex, we provide flexible solutions.

Utilize expert knowledge provided by smart systems in our solutions to simplify design of complex workflows, with full customization of parameters and steps. Enhance control, optimization, tracking for improved efficiency of laboratory workflows.


Update your laboratory to digital workflows – Use data thought out process to result for analysis and analytics. Digitization of the laboratory starts with standardized process descriptions and opens up great potentials.

Use our intelligent systems that captures and provides expert knowledge about life science experiments and link laboratory protocols to results.

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